Starlink WiFi Satellite
Starlink WiFi Satellite

Starlink WiFi Satellite

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Stay connected wherever your RV takes you with Starlink, the revolutionary satellite internet service designed specifically for travelers like you. Say goodbye to unreliable campground Wi-Fi and limited cellular coverage, and say hello to a whole new level of online freedom.

Starlink for RV brings high-speed, low-latency internet access to even the most remote locations. Powered by a constellation of advanced satellites orbiting the Earth, this cutting-edge technology ensures a strong and stable connection wherever your adventures lead you. Whether you're exploring national parks, embarking on a cross-country road trip, or simply enjoying the serenity of nature, Starlink keeps you connected to the digital world without compromise.

With Starlink, you can effortlessly stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and music, keeping everyone entertained during long journeys or relaxing evenings under the stars. Stay in touch with friends and family through crystal-clear video calls, share your travel experiences on social media, or work remotely from the comfort of your RV—Starlink's lightning-fast speeds and reliable connectivity make it all possible.

Setting up Starlink for RV is quick and hassle-free. The compact and easy-to-install satellite dish ensures a seamless integration with your vehicle, giving you instant access to the world wide web. Plus, with its weather-resistant design and rugged construction, Starlink is built to withstand the challenges of life on the road, ensuring you're always connected, rain or shine.

Experience the freedom of unlimited possibilities with Starlink for RV. Explore, connect, and share your adventures with the world, all while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with a dependable internet connection. Say goodbye to connectivity woes and embark on a new era of RV travel—powered by Starlink, your gateway to a truly connected journey.

Compare rental fees and total costs

  • $149 x 3 nights 
  • $45 - Service Fee
  • $25.88 - State and Local Taxes
  • $151.80 - Insurance Protection
  • $43.72 - Trip Protection
RV Share
$96 $842.53
  • $149 x 3 nights 
  • $77 - Service Fee 
  • $70 - State and Local Taxes 
  • $156 - Insurance Protection
  • $24 - Insurance Protection Tax
Airstream Safari
$192 $747.00
  • $249 x 3 nights 
  • $0 - Service Fee
  • $0 Prep Fee
  • $0 Insurance, (provoided you have insurance coverage)


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